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ongoing # Classic Critical Rank int((2 + Num Rankings) / 4)
ongoing # Modern Critical Rank Metacritic, Imdb, me
ongoing # Max Critical Rank
1999 GG Guiness Genre By Category; With sound; mostly available
6/1998 AFI American Film Institute Based on AFI 400
Mid 1996 F.1 1-100
Mid 1996 F.2 101-200
Late 1997 LA LA Daily News Readers' Poll Based on AFI 400
8/1998 TV TV Guide Top 50 movies good for vcr / repeated viewings
1996-97 M.C Mr. Showbiz –or vcr / repeated viewings English Language
1996-97 M.R Mr. Showbiz –age English Language; readers picked 10 each
12/1995 ML Movie Line English Language
10/1998 Pr Premier Magazine Most Daring
12/1999 RS Rolling Stone / Peter Travers Maverick Movies
12/1999 VV Village Voice Top 10's of 50 critics
1999 EW Entertainment Weekly pre 1994; no shorts/documentry; unforgettable
2000 LM Leonard Maltin's 100 Must See Must See
02/23/01 BO Box Office Top 100, Inflation Adjusted
1997 VD Video Detective Advice on renting videos
1995 TC Time Out Film Guide –eos weenie liberal
1998 TR Time Out Film Guide –eos From reader's to 10 lists; weenie liberal
02/23/01 IMDb Internet Movie Database Downloaded 2/23/01
ongoing MC Metacritic Avg score, 100=best
ongoing AR Moi Base=3; + for watchability, uniqueness; - for watchability, political correctness